Sigma Engineering Company

is a international engineering company, based in the Republic of Moldova, which specializes in providing services for the Public Infrastructure Projects, as well as for Private Sector Projects.
At Sigma Engineering we believe that any successful project has to have two focal points: smart engineering and excellent management. Therefore, our approach is to establish a project implementation model, which enables the assessment of qualified personnel, optimal work equipment and appropriate quality assurance procedures along with a robust risk management plan, while offering the flexibility to easily simulate and adapt to any changing conditions. We also emphasize the importance of communication and access to information, specifically with respect to the works progress and financial status, and encourage the integration of building information modeling from the project’s inception stage, as the most effective way to overcame potential issues.
The expertise of our core team with Public Infrastructure Projects is covering more than 10 countries. Given that such Projects have Contracts with specific requirements towards the Construction and the Consulting Companies, our main goal is to provide professional engineering and consulting services in accordance with the Contracts provisions. We are also directing considerable efforts towards educating the local partner firms in following the Contracts requirements in their work's procedures and elaboration of documentation.
The Private Sector Projects are more elastic, and in this regard, our job is to offer flexible solutions while ensuring an efficient outcome. We always make sure that the Client is accurately understanding all advantages and the downsides of any given solution or design, in both short and long term perspective.
The services we provide at Sigma Engineering have a well balanced input on Projects' aesthetics, functionality, efficiency and cost, while remaining focused on the particular requirements of a given work. Please feel free to Contact Us for more detailed information.

Our Team Structure

Sigma Engineering Company’s structure is composed of the core team engineers who are involved on the permanent basis and the support team which consists of individuals and partner firms that help with specific task. The core team includes experts and specialists in key engineering fields, such as: civil, structural and buildings engineering, hydrological and hydro-mechanical engineering, as well as infrastructure and geotechnical engineering. The support team includes local and international specialists, technicians and engineers from a variety of business areas, as well as partner firms that are specializes in specific fields of activity, such as: automation & programming, electrical engineering, environmental & resettlement expertise and IT services. Our team members have the required certifications and licenses for the listed activities and our good knowledge of the local and international standards makes the collaboration and communication with all involved parties knowledgeable and efficient.

Sigma Engineering is a proud supporter of BIM Moldova (