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Our Engineering Services range from Complete Works Supervision and Independent Engineering Expertise to SCADA System Implementation and Training on Capacity Building, to ensure your project success!


We offer Consulting Services for the large range of construction projects. From Pre-Feasibility studies to Building Information Modeling and Technical Audits, we will help you to get successful with your project!



We offer Full Design Solution for the projects of varied complexity, fully complaint to the local law and standards. We also provide services to adapt existing projects to the requirements of European Codes and/or Local Standards.


Who we are?

We are an Engineering Company that provides a full range of Consulting and Engineering Services for International and Local Clients. Our core team, which includes experts from Italy, Austria, Moldova and Romania has a great experience in Consulting and Managing International Contracts, such as FIDIC Contracts and World Bank Contracts. We have expertise in such Project as: Urban Planning, Residential and Industrial Buildings & Structures, Hydro-technical & Water Management Project and Roads Infrastructure Projects. We are employing the latest technology and the most advances software solutions to optimize the work procedures and to facilitate the sharing of information between the involved parties. Please consult our Company page for more information regarding Sigma Engineering Company.

We provide all of our services in three languages: English, Romanian and Russian
We constantly update the work methodologies to integrate the newest techniques and software solutions
We use building information modeling & database focused management solutions to enhance productivity
We guarantee full transparency, encourage regular audits and offer advanced communication systems


Vitalie Titei
Civil, Water and Sanitation Engineer

10+ years of experience with FIDIC and World Bank Contracts as Professional Engineer and Management Consultant. Fields of activity includes: Infrastructure Investment Projects (buildings, structures, water management, irrigation, roads), as well as Design and Research Projects (residential and industrial constructions).

Andrei Sargarovschii
Civil Design Engineer and BIM Expert

7+ years of experience in civil engineering including working with MCC development projects and FIDIC Contracts as Design Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Site Engineer and Management Consultant. Expertise in Building Information Modeling, Project Documentation Management, Project Software Solutions and Computer Aid Design.

Irina Maico
Water Supply and Sewerage Design Engineer

30+ years of experience in design projects for water supply, water resources protection, drainage and solid waste systems as well as design and management of sanitary systems and environmental protection. State Certification (Moldova) for Water supply networks & sanitation systems installation and design. Advanced skills in computer aid design and project standardization.

Svetlana Pinzaru
Water Resources and Waste Water Expert

30+ years of experience in design of water supply and sewerage systems, proving extensive knowledge of Waste Water Treatment Plants and Water Supply Networks Systems design. State Certification (Moldova) for Water supply networks & sanitation systems installation and design. Advanced skills in computer aid design, and extensive knowledge of legislation, regulation, norms and project standardization.

Alexandru Ceban
Chief Architect and Design Engineer

10+ years of experience in architectural and structural design for industrial and residential buildings and structures. Chief Architect and Design Engineer attestation for civil and industrial constructions. Solid experience with local construction standards, including: Eurocodes, ISO, SNIP, GOST, NCM.

Mihai Cretu
Structural, Water and Sanitation Engineer

8+ years of experience in civil engineering works including: technical consultancy during design and construction, work supervisions as Site Engineer, structural design and project management, water supply detailed design including management and coordination aspects. Bachelor in Structural Engineering and Master Degree in Water and Sanitation Engineering.

Ion Baraghin
Building Energy Audit Expert

8+ year of experience in construction management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and gas supply systems. Master Degree in Engineering of Utilities for Microclimate in Buildings, State Certification (Moldova) in construction of Water and Sewage Systems, Heating and Ventilation systems. Experience with FIDIC Contract as Site Manager in building irrigation and heating systems.

Sigma Engineering Company’s structure is composed of the core team engineers who are involved on the permanent basis and the support team which consists of individuals and partner firms that help with specific task.
See Company page for more details.


Technical Expertise of the Main Waste Water Pumping Station building in Hancesti town
  • Review the available archive documents and detailed design
  • Perform building survey and nondestructive tests
  • Perform calculations considering additional load from new mechanical equipment proposed to be installed (overhead hoist, automatic screens for primary treatment, water gates on admission channels, gate valves and piping)
  • Elaboration of the technical expertise report with findings, solutions and conclusion
Detailed Design of Chisinau Water Supply Networks
  • Topographic survey
  • Geological study
  • Detailed Design of 64km of water supply networks
  • Consulting services for design coordination with local authorities
  • Author supervision of the construction works
  • Design coordination will local authorities and utilities agencies
  • Total pipelines to be designed and reconstructed: 64km; manholes: 700pcs
Adaptation of the Detailed Design of Chisinau Waste Water Treatment Plant (Process compartment) – I and II Phase
  • Review and adaptation of the Detailed Design Drawings to local regulations and norms
  • Review and adaptation of Process Calculation
  • Review and adaptation of the Process Description Report
  • Author supervision of the construction works
  • Total number of designed new and rehabilitated structures – 48 pcs
Detailed Design of 2 Sludge Centrifugal Decanters and 2 Sludge Reservoirs for Chisinau Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Geological study
  • Detailed Design of sludge centrifugal decanters and sludge reservoirs for waste water
  • Elaboration of General Layouts, Architectural, Structural, Process, Water and Wastewater networks compartments
  • Author supervision of the construction works
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