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We are an Engineering Company that provides a full range of Consulting and Engineering Services for International and Local Employers. Our core team, which includes experts from Italy, Austria, Moldova and Romania, has a great experience in Consulting and Managing International Contracts, such as FIDIC Contracts and World Bank Contracts. We have expertise in Urban Planning, Residential and Industrial Buildings & Structures, Hydro-technical and Water Management Project and Roads Infrastructure Projects. We are employing the latest technology and advanced software solutions to optimize the work procedures and to facilitate the sharing of information between the involved parties.



  • Independent Engineering Expertise;
  • Building Information Modeling;
  • Support services for technical documentation.


  • Consulting, engineering and management services;
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Works supervision, Audits, Impact Assessment and Risk analysis.


  • Hydro-technical and Water Management Systems;
  • Residential, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings & Structures;
  • Urban Planning and Roads Infrastructure.


Supervision of construction works for rehabilitation and extension of water supply and sewerage systems in Calarasi and Ungheni towns

Review the detailed design drawings ❖ Review Contractor's quality assurance plan and establish phases when mandatory inspection is required ❖ Materials quality check, review quality documents and laboratory results ❖ Supervision of construction works ❖ Organize works taking over of works and final taking ❖ Supervision of remedy works in Defect Notification Period

Rehabilitation of the centralized irrigation system Caplani (cca. 2500 ha)

Topographical and geotechnical surveys ❖ Feasibility study and selection of pipe material analysis ❖ Technical assessment of the existing pumping station structure ❖ Pedological assessment ❖ Water hammer analysis ❖ Detailed Design of the pumping station with 4 irrigation pumps, vacuum, drainage and ventilation systems ❖ Detailed Design of approx. 42km of water supply networks for irrigation with hydrants ❖ Consulting services for design coordination with local authorities ❖ Author supervision of the construction works

Construction of public sewer system in Puhoi street neighborhood

Technical assessment of the existing pumping station structure ❖ Detailed design for demolition of existing pumping station structure ❖ Detailed design of 3 sewerage pumping stations (Qtot=567 m3/d) ❖ Detailed Design of approx. 11 km of sewer gravity and pressure networks ❖ Detailed Design of power supply and electrical networks ❖ Consulting services for design coordination with local authorities ❖ Author supervision of the construction works

Architectural/Engineering services for USAID financed projects

Review the detailed design drawings Conduct site visits for supervision of construction works (Mediacor building) ❖ Review of change order documents, testing plans and taking over of works documents (Mediacor building) ❖ Develop presentations and organize training sessions related to Moldovan building regulations and industry practice, best practices in health and safety & on-site environmental compliance, cross-cutting issues in design and construction ❖ Develop Feasibility study for improvement of educational facilities in Republic of Moldova (14 educational institutions)