Sigma Engineering provides a full range of engineering services covering the entire projects cycles from Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design to Work Supervision and Contract Management.

Engineering Services

- Independent Engineering Expertise covering all construction and infrastructure projects
- Building Information Modeling and related management & software solutions 
- Integration of new technologies, equipment and materials into work procedures and methodologies
- Support services for obtaining/providing technical agreements, quality and conformity certificates for materials and equipment

Consulting Services

- International and Local Projects Consulting, Engineering and Management
- Elaboration of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
- Action plans for public services modernization
- Works supervision
- Technical Audit, Energetic Audit, Management and Financial Audit
- Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
- Risk analysis and mitigation plans

Design Services

- Urban Planning
- Residential, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings & Structures
- Hydro-technical and Water Management
- Roads Infrastructure
Our team has the certification and licenses for all the listed activities. We have good knowledge of the local, as well as international standards, which is an important asset for an engineering company.